Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Box

One day, while i was walking down the street, I saw a giant bog brown box. It was left down the street and there were no houses nearby, so why not i just take it? when i took it home i remembered that i ahd work, so i ran to work and left the box unoppened. When I reached to work i thought to myself "what if it was a bomb from a terrorist!? so i took leave for one day of work and ran back home. When i reached home i heard a person said "help!" and it looked like it was from inside of the box. I was scared, i thought it was one if those kids who get kidnapped and sent to overseas to be sold, so i carfully opened it anxious to see what was inside and guess what it was, it was a pile of books! Then i heard carefully from where the sound came from. It was from the girl outside my house. I saw her screaming "help! help! its so ticklish!" All along it was just a girl who was being tickled by her friend and a pile of books...

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  1. An interesting use of the prompt Hans!

    - please use capital letters appropriately, e.g. at the start of sentences and for the pronoun 'I'
    - read over your work carefully before you publish it - remember, this is public and you want to create a great showcase of your writing
    - use paragraphs to organise your ideas; one main point per paragraph