Saturday, 5 October 2013

Book Review Project Reflection

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid:
The Third Wheel   
What traits does this character have that I do not have?  
  •  Likes to put hands in pockets
  • Not shy
  • Does not like reading
  • Dirty
  • Trouble-sum
  • Showoff
  • Adventurous with food 
  • Was a Bad Baby 

What traits do I have that the character does not have?  

  • Cool
  • Daring                                                                                        This image is from the movie
  • Likes to read                                                                               "Diary Of A Wimpy Kid"
  • Shy at first
  • Clean
  • Likes to sing
  • Funny
  • A good baby
What traits do the two of us share?
  • Vain
  • Hates Veggies
  • Scared
  • Curious
  • Good
  • Lazy
  • Loves to play games
  • A good friend
  • Hates the word "Diary"
  • Hates Maths
  • Helpful
Scavenger Hunt Results:
a three-syllable word: Invitation

a contraction: They're
                                                                                                                  This book was written by
a compound word: Whenever                                                                   Jeff Kinney.

a word with a silent e at the end: Before

the longest word in the book: Neighborhood

a word that includes the letters tion: Section

a four-syllable word: Educational

a word that includes a silent letter other than e: Knock

an adjective: Frozen

a word with a prefix: Unhappy

a sentence that includes a simile: "After a few months of living like this, I had to get out of there, and that's why I was born three weeks earlier"

rhyming words: By the time I cam into this world, I was totally sleep deprived and in a really lousy mood. So, if you ever see a picture of a newborn, now you know why they always look ticked off.

antonyms/opposites: I didn't even make it a whole day in kindergarden, before the teacher had to call Mom to come get me. The next day Mom brought me back to pre-school and asked the teacher if i could have my cubby back. 

 My Reflection about this awesome project!
In this project i learnt a lot on how to use adjectives, syllables, prefixes, similes, compound and contraction words, also silent letters. I really enjoyed doing this project. Although it took some time during my holidays it was still super fun! The scavenger hunt was the hardest thing to do in this project, but it was still fun and awesome!

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