Sunday, 26 January 2014

Shark Bite!

"Remember! dont get any scratches in the cage, or else it will make the sharks go on a rampage!" that was the last sentence i heard before the sharks came in and killed me, oh and the last word i heard was "nooo!" still cant get that out of my head. Well it started a few hours ago in Cape Town, we were tourists and we decided to go shark diving... yup how stupid. We payed $50 and they took me and my wife to a small boat. Once we were there they checked the cage and redyed our gears, and than we, well i went underwater. Guess what i got, a scratch and scratch and some blood came out. As expected the shark went on a rampage, broke through the cage and ate me... now i am in his tummy writing this story... I hope my wife is ok!

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